My career includes a broad range of experiences in the academic and corporate worlds, including working as a marketing research analyst, a lobbyist, a political campaign manager, a pharmaceutical sales representative, and a medical equipment sales executive.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Communication and Public Relations in the School of Communication & the Arts at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. I serve as:

  • Public Speaking Across the Curriculum Coordinator


My research interests include interactive technology, analytics, online learning, crisis communication, deceptive communication, social media, survey response rates and non-response bias, public speaking across the curriculum, and science communication (founding member of interdisciplinary MSCI - Marist Science Communication Initiative).

P O W E R   P I T C H I N G   W O R K S H O P


ATLAS Teaching Online Award Interview - Apereo Foundation


C O U R S E S   T A U G H T

I have been teaching college classes since 1994 and online classes since 2010. I am Quality Matters trained. Courses I have taught include:

  • communication campaign management
    (a Community-Based Learning class)
  • applied research & analytics, communication research methods
  • crisis communication, deceptive communication special topics class
  • integrated strategic communication
  • PR fundamentals, PR writing, PR cases
  • persuasion, public speaking
  • leadership, business & professional communication
  • small group communication, interpersonal communication
  • introduction to communication
  • senior capstone course for PR, advertising, journalism, and sports communication majors
University of Kentucky - Communication & Information Studies
- Cognate: Cognitive Psychology

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Marshall University - Communication Studies
Marshall University - Major: Political Science
- Minor: Communication Studies
Dr. Jennifer Robinette

Assistant Professor
Communication & Public Relations

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Tech IDEAs Award
Innovative Use of Technology

  • COM Campaign Management
  • Applied Research & Analytics
  • Crisis Communication
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Persuasion
  • Interactive Technology
  • Online Learning

Salesforce Social Studio, SPSS, Qualtrics,

SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics,

Sakai/iLearn, Blackboard, Microsoft Office,

Adobe Creative Suite & Acrobat Pro


Assoc for Educ in Journalism/Mass Comm

Broadcast Education Association

Public Relations Society of America

New York State Communication Assoc

National Communication Association

International Communication Association

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